Joseph Orlando

Joseph Orlando

Software Engineer and Student at UCF

About Me

My name is Joseph Orlando, and I build cool things using computers.

I am super passionate about cloud-scale applications and have a wide range of experience from developing backend REST APIs to designing frontend UI, leveraging industry leading tools and best practices.

I have experience in waterfall, agile, and agile-ish lifecycles. My early days of development started with freelance mobile applications for iOS and Android as well as dynamic webpages on PHP. Along with this grew experience tackling LAMP deployments and maintainence for managed hosting services.

My most recent work has been developing Managed Packages, particularly Hybrid package environments leveraging off-platform resources, including many popular PaaS providers.

In my free time I enjoy building things with microcomputers, writing scalable web applications in PHP and Java, and cleaning up my local Florida beaches!

For the latest information or project inquiries, reach out and Contact Me!


Salesforce Developer, Conga September, 2016 – Present

  • developer for a leading Salesforce ISV. Working primarily on the flagship Contracts and eSignature solutions, experience building large-scale multi-tenant applications.
  • Experienced in the development and deployment of Salesforce Managed Packages.
  • Experience implementing third party services as well as extending the native Salesforce APIs.
  • Experience designing responsive web applications using React and Salesforce Lightning, to be supported by a Salesforce Managed Package.


Software Engineer, Siemens Corporation January, 2015 – September, 2016

  • Contributed to the development and maintenance of a global, enterprise cloud CRM environment. Developed for the Cloud CRM platform.
  • Experience with Agile software development methodology. With a primary focus in continuous integration: experienced with testing automation – designed Selenium test suite scheduled execution and reporting architecture.
  • Designed responsive web applications with multilingual audiences.
  • Spearheaded development for first internal deployment of Salesforce Communities, including migration from portal.

Siemens Corporation

Software Engineer, BadBoy Computers, Inc. April, 2012 – January, 2015

  • Designed and maintained in-store cPanel-based shared hosting platform. Constructed redundant VMware ESXi virtualization cluster for internal services and shared hosting.
  • Heavily experienced in designing LAMP-based CRM web appliances for local small businesses, including responsive jQuery and CSS development. Experience designing and deploying iOS and Android applications on the Apple App Store and Google Play.
  • Experienced in the mitigation of malicious cPanel attacks, including analyzing and manually patching customer’s vulnerable scripts for future protection, abuse response and penetration testing.

Sales Representative / Technician, BadBoy Computers, Inc. February, 2012 – April, 2012

  • Experience handling customer transactions and vendor purchase orders; supervising a retail store and technical service calls. Kept record of store inventory, well versed using QuickBooks Enterprise.
  • Provided design and consulting support for customer workstations and server hardware; provided small business IT solutions. Troubleshooted hardware anomalies on an array of devices from netbooks to virtualization clusters. Experienced in board-level repairs, including capacitor replacement and video card reflows.

BadBoy Computers, Inc.

Assistant, Orlando Construction and Design Inc.January, 2010 – February, 2012

  • Provided support with scheduling subcontractors, monitoring material inventory and submitting requests for upcoming home inspections.

Orlando Construction and Design, Inc.

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Awards and Honors

2nd Place Winning Team Member, Project Overcast

Chromecast-powered SaaS Digital Signage Platform

Siemens Corporate Technology, 2015 Hackathon

Graduated from Daytona State College on Dean’s List

Future Farmers of America Discovery Degree recipient

NOCTI Industry Certified in Engineering Technology

Engineering Technology Exam Score: 74 (based on 2011 exam scores, Nat’l avg.: 50.1)